Insurance Law

The Firm has gained significant experience in the sector, both in consultancy with primary insurance and reinsurance companies, as well as in trade unions operating in the main English insurance market, and in the management of litigation.

The Firm assists the Insurancd Companies with regard to the processing of personal data, a particularly complex subject in the insurance sector, providing assistance both for verifying the correctness of the treatment procedures and in the event of a dispute or litigation.


High is the quality of the assistance that the Firm is able to provide in the sector of producer liability: our collaboration with relevant companies is a guarantee of competence, experience and high professionalism.


The Firm has also gained significant experience in the field of professional liability.


The Firm also deals with the insurance profiles of the most important economic activities: from the energy market to the transport sector, from the manufacturing sector to the tourism deals; the synergy between the departments allows, even in subjects requiring greater technical-scientific expertise, to address every inherent need.


The contractual advise that the Firm is able to provide also pertains to insurance contracts for company branches and major risks, as well as reinsurance contracts.


The Firm carries out supervisory and auditing activities on the entire claims management activity of the Companies, including the allocation of reserves and the settlement of claims for damages, both in traditional insurance sectors and in those that are more innovative.


With a view to the current civil proceedings law, introducing mediation and conciliation procedures prior to the judicial phase, the Firm – for the competence, professionalism and experience that characterizes it – is equipped to successfully face the new challenge in all the described areas.