Health and Medical Malpractice

The soaring number of medical liability cases and the related influence that the mass media have always had on public opinion has not only raised concern on the real meaning of medical treatment, but it is also creating serious financial problems to the Companies providing the National Health Service.


The reasons that have helped fuel this situation – also referred to internationally as the Medical Liability Crisis – are multiple: the increase in average human life span, the technological development in diagnostic/therapeutic processes, the increased number of diseases that cannot be treated, the increased awareness on the part of patients of their rights, and the continuous reinforcement of awareness by the associations upholding patients’ rights.

The FIRM has a solid practical experience in the field of medical liability, which in recent years has witnessed an exponential increase in the number of medical malpractice cases.

The FIRM – which follows attentively the legislative developments and successive socio-economic changes in the world of Health – has gained extensive experience over the years in both judicial and extrajudicial procedures, providing legal assistance to primary Insurance Companies, prominent Hospital Trusts and major Private Entities.


The FIRM is highly specialised in legal issues pertaining to all types of medical pathologies, with particular reference to the assessment of the causal link and to the quantification of damage suffered by patients.


The FIRM operates through the work of field specialists of proven value, who contribute to University research and continuously update their skills and competencies, as well as through the support of a large network of forensic experts, specialists in the various branches of medicine and Clinical Risk Managers.


It offers qualified legal assistance in extrajudicial proceedings, with particular reference to the correct keeping and completion of health records, the drafting of the Informed Consensus, the preparation of Clinical Risk Management Forms, and the management and filing of damage claims, including the valuation and provisioning of reserves to be allocated in corporate accounts.


As regards judicial proceedings, the FIRM provides legal assistance to clients in the management of any type of dispute related to health issues before the national courts throughout Italy, including the High Courts.


The FIRM’s lawyers are able to provide defensive strategies which meet the specific needs expressed from time to time by the Health Care Structures and medical staff.