The FIRM is the result of cooperation between lawyers who share a passion and respect for their profession, as well as the ambition to offer ENTERPRISES an unparalleled level of service.

In providing legal counsel to its client ENTERPRISES on a daily basis, the FIRM operates in accordance with a number of key concepts: QUALITY of work, CLOSENESS to the client, TIMELINESS of response, CONFIDENTIALITY of the professional relationship.

The FIRM is devoted specifically to providing legal assistance to ENTERPRISES, on behalf of which it intends to act, at one and the same time, as an attentive interlocutor, an operating instrument and a reliable travel companion.

The FIRM started to operate in 1992 and today represents an important reality in the world of legal practice, both at national and international level.


The FIRM distinguishes itself thanks to its call for providing legal assistance to ENTERPRISES, and its clients include both multinational GROUPS, leaders in their field of activity, and Italian and foreign small and medium-sized ENTERPRISES.


The unusual feature of the FIRM lies in its ability to combine the organizational capacity of international firms with the excellence of the Italian legal tradition.


The FIRM provides ENTERPRISES with a high-quality service, a particularly short reaction time and a highly personalized approach in professional relationships.


The FIRM operates through separate departments, out of which prominent lawyers operate independently, each specialised in their field of expertise.


The FIRM’s lawyers enhance and develop their know how by collaborating with Universities, trade associations and research organizations, both Italian and foreign, always with an emphasis on the specific and exclusive nature of the Lawyer’s figure and mission.


The FIRM’s structure comprises four Italian offices located in Rome, Milan, Turin and Venice, as well as a multitude of connections with prominent law firms located in all the major Italian cities.


The FIRM has a dense network of partnerships and connections, which enable its lawyers to successfully provide legal assistance to ENTERPRISES anywhere in Europe and in the World.


QUALITY of work is the key concept and underlying principle of our activity, that is, the most characteristic and distinguishing feature of our vocation for excellence, in the conviction that in a profession, as in a business concern, real values are ultimately always the most valuable asset.


CLOSENESS to client is the distinguishing feature of the FIRM, which aims to be its client ENTERPRISES’ daily interlocutor, involved in the great deals as in the Companies’ ordinary day-to-day activities, with a particular ability to listen attentively, confidentially and at all times.


TIMELINESS of response is a practical aspect of the aforesaid concepts of quality of work and closeness to enterprises: the unparalleled service rendered to clients would be useless, if the response of the FIRM did not enable ENTERPRISES to take the related decisions in a timely manner; closeness to client helps our team of experts understand and accept the ENTERPRISES’ need to obtain legal counsel within a period of time compatible with the speed of the decision-making processes of today’s economy.


CONFIDENTIALITY of the professional relationship, although this concept today may appear to have been superseded, is a core principle in the millenary tradition of our profession: the role of the Lawyer who assists enterprises does not take place on a stage, but rather next to his clients, who are the ones to populate the scene; the FIRM’s mission is to help them accomplish that with increasingly greater success.