Law of the Environment

The FIRM recognises and emphasizes the central role of environmental issues in contemporary society, both from an economic and a social perspective.


Our team of experts guarantee a solid knowledge of the legislative developments on the subject and their concrete enforcement in a period of deep transformations, in which the legal system is struggling ever more to combine environmental protection with the development of technology and enterprises.


Our long standing experience has led to the formation within the FIRM of a team of experts specialized in the various branches of the Law concerning environmental issues, namely the administrative, civil and criminal law.

The FIRM offers professional expertise also on environmental issues, providing legal assistance to entities, institutions and private companies.

The FIRM avails itself of the collaboration and expert advice of prominent professional consulting firms, with the aim to achieve the best synergy between legal and technical know how.


Thanks to said internal and external expertise, the FIRM is able to provide helpful assistance in protecting the interests of entities, institutions and private individuals, through highly qualified and thorough legal advice and assistance, promoting strong preventive measures and guaranteeing proper judicial protection.