Law for the Energy Industry

The FIRM provides legal assistance to companies operating in the energy generation, distribution and supply sectors.


Special emphasis is placed on the renewable and alternative energy sector and, in particular, on the wind, solar, and geo-thermal sectors, including that related to energy deriving from the exploitation of biomass and urban waste.


The FIRM provides legal assistance to enterprises by supporting operations for the acquisition of energy, the construction and development of new power stations, and the supply of the product obtained from the domestic and international markets.

The FIRM has valuable experience in providing assistance to enterprises operating in the sectors connected with the building of network infrastructures as well as in the energy industry.

The FIRM provides legal counsel to enterprises in obtaining and planning loans, executing projects, and in any aspects concerning investments aimed at the construction of new equipment and plants that can be utilised for producing and exploiting Energy.


The FIRM supports companies and private entities also in obtaining permits and protecting their intellectual property, in any way connected to the new alternative energy production systems, and in reutilising the latter, assisting its clients in any matters concerning their inventions, patents and trademarks, copyrights and protection of know how.