Employment Law

In particular, the FIRM provides legal assistance to clients in any type of dispute arising in connection with employment contracts, whether private or public, before Italian and European Courts.

The FIRM is able to offer in and out-of-court legal assistance in matters concerning employment law.

With regards to out-of-court dispute resolutions, the FIRM provides a highly qualified advisory service, with the aim to develop a human resources development and management policy in line with the complex and ever-changing employment regulations, thus enabling its clients to interact effectively with the workers’ organizations, trade associations, entities and institutions connected to the employment world.


In particular, based on the specific needs of the client, the FIRM’s lawyers draw up agreements and formulate opinions and corporate by-laws on employment-related matters.


A continuous and efficient interaction with the other departments of the FIRM guarantees a multidisciplinary approach fit to offer our clients a complete, rapid and qualified assistance service with respect to any business activity having employment implications.